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The Mi’kmaq Honour Song Translation Project (2022)

Selected to screen at FIN 2022

It was an honour to work on this collaborative project with members of the Indigenous and Deaf communities in Mi'kma'ki. Wela’liek to George Paul who gave us his blessing to use the song and shared his vision with us, which inspired many of the visuals you see here.

"The Mi'kmaq Honour Song Translation project is a collaboration with many community members, including Deaf Mi’kmaq signers, Elders and Knowledge Keepers, Language holders, translators, singers and dancers. The Honour Song is copyright George Paul, used here with permission.

The Mi’kmaq Sign Language translation was co-created in November 2021 in a collaborative ceremonial text analysis translation exercise. The Mi’kmaq Sign Language lyrics were created by Mi’kmaq signers Holly Green and Sheila Johnson by weaving together their collective knowledge of Old Mi’kmaq signs, Maritime Sign Language, American Sign Language. The Mi’kmaq language knowledge was provided by Kenny Prosper, Michael R Denny, Allwyn Jeddore, and others."

Created by NSCC and Turtle Island Institute; Directed, filmed, and edited by Mel Hattie.

PWB Series: Project 1948 (2017)

"Photographer Mel Hattie travelled with Photographers Without Borders to Sarajevo to assist and document Project 1948’s Photo-Voice project to assist with youth reconciliation and policy change in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project 1948 amplifies the voices of Bosnian youth to express concerns and explore questions about life in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project 1948 participants Amer Cekić, Jusuf Hafizovć, Belma Mahmić and Adnan Bajramović, present their powerful photographs and tell the stories behind them.

Bajramović's photographs evoke the problems Bosnian youth face today and the harsh reality of abandoning their dreams to live for tomorrow. Jenifer White, Founder of Project 1948, hosts the Project 1940 photo exhibition, giving the participants a platform to showcase their work amongst their peers and the community. Hattie speaks honestly of the humanizing power of photography and its ability to destroy the fear of the unknown."

About the photo-voice project (trailer length):

Created by Danielle Da Silva; Directed by Danielle Da Silva and Jeffrey Garriock; Photographed by Mel Hattie; Edited by Gabriel Freire.